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SVCH Prästens LeRoy Light of Argos

e. IntUch NordUch SVCH NUCH Dea Decora´s Argos
u. SVCH Djungelkattens Windflower to Priest

Hello, my name is Leroy. I am a three-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback male. I am born in Prästens Light of Argos litter and I appeared to the world in December 2004. We were ten in my litter, of which 7 males and 3 bitches, incl. 2 liver nosed males. All of us are x-rayed with excellent results. My siblings are correct except from one male with lack of one crown in his ridge.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, together with the Mattsson's pack and my father IntUCH NordUCH SVCH NVCH Dea Decora’s Argos.

I am a very proud father to 2 litters in Norway 2006;
7 of them with Qi: BIS BISS NUCH SUCH SV-08 Exgate´s Qi by Forrest and
9 of them with Lucy; NUCH Amageba’s Johari Jata.

LeRoy, 2004.

Facts about me:

69.5 cm and 47 kilo

AD u.a HD A (u.a)

Swedish Field tracking Championship (2006)

2 CAC Swedish, one more to go for the Swedish Champion title.

I am used to participate in crowdie dog shows and there relax with the ringside; I am accustomed to be handled by people, both by the judges at the dog shows and by veterinarians, as well. I am also used to be in the city, walk on the streets, go with the subway and buses. I always am relaxed in all these situations.

Maybe I am still a little too much interested in new people and animals, as I am very curious. That’s my charming part… but as we know it will disappear more and more while I am growing up, or? I also have a “on / off” bottom, says mum. It’s very easy to get me exited and the same way to stop it. So they love to work with me and I with them of course.

The Field tracking just shows my real nature. All of my dog family has good knowledge of the Field tracking and we often use it as a hobby. We all attain really good results. 4 of my siblings are already Swedish Field tracking Champions, incl. myself, the same with both of my parents.

My mentality has been highly appreciated. I am an easygoing dog to own, a very charming guy, and I do not bother about small things. I and my siblings have been at Mentality description and my family is very satisfied with the results. I showed no reaction for the gunshots (people say that this also means that you have not "collected the fears" from the test). I did show a little more feelings than my father, but I was just as cool as he, in the end.

I have a little bit more energy than my father, I am just a bit happier to work, I love to go for field tracking and agility, I also enjoy the obedience part also without candy… I think the work part is enough of treatment. (That’s a difference from my dad I can assure you…)

I am a very happy and charming dog and live a really good life with my pack. We often meet my dog family, especially my mother and my sisters together with my father of course. We play in the forest and take long walks together every week.

If you have further questions about me, do not hesitate to contact my pack (e-mail)

or look at more pictures of me and my relatives in my photo gallery.

Look forward to hearing from you.